Holden Roofing: new roof for the Rojas family at no charge

Holden Roofing is a family-owned business and we understand the responsibility of taking care of each other in our family as well as our community. We are happy to have the opportunity to give back in cases such as this. We heard about the Rojas family from Rosenberg, who are flood victims from the tragic flooding that happened here, in May 2016. The family of 8, the parents and 6 boys, lost almost everything in a couple of hours. As a family, we tried to make their Christmas brighter and invited them to our office for gifts and surprises under the Christmas tree.

On January 24th we installed a new roof on their home at no charge.

From our family to yours, may this roof serve you a lifetime and keep you safe under as many rains as Mother Nature happens to have in the future!

16195277_1678120522206106_6949410701901396083_nPhoto:  Rojas family visiting Holden Roofing office for a Christmas party
16265637_1678120892206069_6430831953204656575_nPhoto: Rojas family and Holden Roofing staff celebrating Christmas at HQ office
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Photo: Rojas’ family new roof installed by Holden Roofing on Jan. 24th, 2016
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